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Tesla Window Tint San Diego

If you want Tesla Window Tint in San Diego done right, leave it to the pros at AMB. Get your Free Estimate today!

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    Professional Tesla Window Tinting San Diego

    Looking for the best Tesla window tinting in San Diego? We've got you covered!

    At AMB Window Tint San Diego, we aim to provide the most impressive auto glass and window tint services in California. We have partnered with the best film manufacturers in the country, including the outstanding Llumar®, to bring you nothing but the finest materials and installation. Our past clients have said we offer the Tesla window tint San Diego residents have really been missing out on, and our team is equipped with more than fifteen years of experience to ensure that your Tesla automobile is tinted to your liking. 

    We use machine-cut films to eliminate any risks of scratching the glass, and this helps make for a perfect and precise fit. Film-coating your Tesla with a ceramic or a crystalline tint is one of the most important things to do as soon as you get your car, because protecting your vehicle from UV rays and heat actually maximizes your car battery life. We can lessen the sun’s impact on your car by using our ceramic film to reduce glare, because the LLunar films block out 99% of the UV rays. Call today for the kind of Tesla window tint San Diego residents can depend on!

    Our services are the best in the region for many reasons. AMB Window Tint San Diego has managed to emerge as one of the most trustworthy auto glass companies around. We are known for providing fast, accurate and custom tinting at competitive prices. Our experienced team uses the most sophisticated IR charcoal shades to customize the window tint to your preference, while also providing you with an added layer of security and protection. If you are looking for the window tinting San Diego residents have trusted for years, you have come to the right place.

    AMB's Expert Precision Cut Window Tinting System

    Car window tinting is one of the best ways to improve the look and comfort of your vehicle. When it comes to Tesla window tinting in San Diego you can trust AMB to get the job done right the first time. Our tint is affordable, fast, accurate and we even offer custom designs! Request a quote today.


    At AMB, we machine-cut out our film to ensure a perfect fit for your vehicle.


    At AMB our 100% precision machine-cut system, enables us to prepare and install your tint as fast as possible.


    AMB is a one-stop shop for all of your window film needs. From tint cut designs to custom cut windows, AMB has you covered.


    Choose AMB for the most competitive prices in town. We use industry-best tint films including LLumar®, so you can be sure your new tint will last a lifetime.

    Types of Tesla Window Tint: Which is Right for You?

    Selecting the right tint for your Tesla can be confusing, but AMB Window Tinting San Diego has five popular options to choose from and customize to suit your needs.

    Llumar® Air Blue

    LLumar® ATC Premium Dyed

    Llumar® CTX Nano Ceramic

    Llumar® IRX Nano Ceramic

    Good Heat Rejection

    Ceramic, metal-free construction

    Outstanding UV Rejection

    Clear & Easy Connectivity

    Tint Free Glass Enhancement

    Help Reduce Fading

    Add Performance to Factory-Tinted Glass

    Good Heat Rejection

    nano-ceramic technology

    Outstanding UV Rejection

    Clear & Easy Connectivity

    Custom Style

    Help Reduce Fading

    Help Increase Privacy

    Excellent Heat Rejection

    Ceramic, metal-free construction

    99% UV Rejection

    Clear & Easy Connectivity

    Custom Style

    Help Reduce Fading

    Help Increase Privacy

    Exceptional Heat Rejection

    Nano-ceramic IR

    Advanced cooling power

    99% UV Rejection

    Ceramic, Metal-Free

    Glare reduction

    Clear & Easy Connectivity

    Custom Style

    Scratch-Resistant Coating

    IR film that rejects up to 90% of infrared rays

    Tesla Window Tint San Diego

    Tinted windows have many benefits but the most popular reason is to help reduce heat and glare coming through the window.  Below are the top benefits of applying window tinting in San Diego on your Tesla:

    Added Protection for Passengers

    One reason to hire our specialists for automobile window tinting San Diego is to enhance safety. In an accident involving a heavy collision, glass shatters. The small pieces moving in all directions could be a risk for injuries.
    When you install a window tint in San Diego, the glass is held together, preventing small pieces from flying in all directions. The film traps the pieces together, thereby preventing life-threatening injuries.

    Protect Your
    Car's Upholstery
    Your car is an important asset that you should protect with routine maintenance. Besides ensuring all the mechanical parts are functional, you also want to save the car’s interior. Window tinting excellently protects your car’s upholstery. Window film blocks sunlight that can discolor leather and fade upholstery. It also protects the vehicle’s interior from cracking and warping, keeping the car looking newer longer. Besides, having windshield tint decreases eye fatigue from direct sunlight or nighttime headlights.
    Better Privacy
    and Security

    Among the top reasons people want to apply car tint in San Diego is to enhance privacy and security. We offer different shades so that you can choose your preferred level of privacy. Tinting allows you to have peace of mind knowing no one can see the valuables inside your vehicle. Also, by tinting your car, you improve its look, which can add comfort to your passengers, especially on long trips.

    Block Harmful UV Rays

    Our San Diego window tint experts can help you block harmful ultraviolet rays. Window tinting using original materials blocks up to 99 percent of harmful UV rays from the sun. Exposure to UV rays could cause skin cancer, accelerate aging, and lead to skin burns. You don’t want to face such dangers when driving in your car. Even light tint adds a layer of protection that can block damaging UVA and UVB rays.
    Research across the United States shows an increased prevalence of left-sided skin cancers, which matches the car’s driver’s side. If you drive for prolonged periods, a window tint provides critical protection.

    Protect Against Solar Heat

    In the hot summer months, driving in your car may require always using the air conditioning. If the AC is not functioning correctly, you may have to endure uncomfortable rides. Tinting your vehicle windows protects all passengers, ensuring a comfortable drive. Depending on the film you choose, you can lower solar heat by up to 65 percent. In many cars, especially older models, this could mean reducing the amount of gas needed!


    Tint rejects anywhere from 30% – 80% of solar energy that comes through your windows. It also evens out the interior temperature helping save gas and wear on your engine from your AC struggling to cool your car.


    Block 99% of harmful UV rays that harm you and your car. If you have children, window tinting San Diego is a must. Tint also rejects radiation, light, and heat, to make every ride more comfortable.

    You will relived to know that all of our tints provide easy and clear connectivity, our tints do not impact your 5G device connection unlike other tints on the market.
    Protection & Privacy
    Tint reduces injuries during an accident as the tint film holds the glass together. It also keeps your belongings safe from theft.
    Tint provides less distraction from oncoming car’s headlights and sunlight. It also provides you with a comfortable and safer driving experience.

    Tesla Model 3 Window Tint San Diego

    We provide tinting services for the front, rear, and side windows of all Tesla model vehicles. Our experts are the best in the industry and guarantee a seamless tint for each window of your Tesla Model 3. Even it’s rear window, which is typically the toughest to tint due to its large surface area. While the responsibility of tinting a Tesla car is neglected by many due to its complexity, we see it as essential. It is imperative that you use authentic Tesla tint like what we offer. The nano-ceramic technology and the crystalline films guarantee protection from UV, as well as infrared rays to help maintain a moderate temperature inside the car, give you privacy without obstructing your view outside, and protect the car itself. Call today for Tesla Model 3 window tint San Diego residents can rely on!

    Our team works with outstanding precision and accuracy to deliver excellent results. We ensure that your Tesla car, whether it is a model S, X or 3, always leaves our shop in better shape than it came in. AMB Window Tint San Diego is the one-stop-shop for all your auto glass needs. It’s safe to say our Tesla window tinting services are undoubtedly the best in the region. Call today to learn more about our window tinting San Diego residents love so much!

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    How We Do It

    Our Tesla Window Tint San Diego Application

    STEP 1.
    Stop by at your convenience, or book your appointment for Tesla Window Tint San Diego, CA below.
    STEP 2.
    Drop off your vehicle, and we will prepare your car ready for tinting. This includes thoroughly cleaning the windows to ensure nothing remains between the tint and the glass.
    STEP 3.
    When required, We will remove any old tint before applying our top-quality tint to your vehicle. Usually, you can expect it to be done in just a few hours!
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