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Power Window Repair San Diego

Window Regulator Replacements and Repairs. Satisfied Customers, Fast Service, Quality Repair, Lowest Price Guaranteed

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    Whether it’s a power window repair or replacement, AMB can help you save. Affordable prices and quick turnaround times make us the go-to source for quality auto services.

    A car’s power window regulator is found inside the door and attaches to the window and door panel. It’s made up of tracks, a few plastic pieces, a motor, and a cable. When the car window cannot go up and down smoothly, one of these parts is damaged and requires replacement or repair. In most cases, we repair or replace a car window regulator in less than an hour, so if you have noticed issues with your car window, call us for power window repair in San Diego.

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    Window regulator replacements and repairs can be costly, but if you wait too long to repair them they will eventually break. That’s why it is smart to get a window regulator replacement as soon as possible before the damage worsens. Below are some signs your vehicle is in need of a power window repair as soon as possible.


    The window moves up or down at an angle


    The window makes a strange noise during operation


    The window has fallen into the door


    The window doesn’t move up or down

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    A power window repair is an unavoidable precaution to prevent your car windows from being damaged. If you’re ever in a jam with a broken power window, it can not only cause distractions while driving but there is also the risk of rain entering the vehicle. A broken power window could also inconvenience you on long drives by hindering your comfortability.

    At AMB our team is fully equipped with the best tools to repair and replace window regulators in San Diego. We offer a service centered on customer satisfaction, so we guarantee you long-lasting quality. 

    At AMB Auto Glass and Window Tint, we can repair any regulator kit. Our team specializes in manual and power window regulators. Call us at (619)-514-3537 to receive an instant quote.

    We will also be glad to answer any questions you might have about our power window repair services in San Diego.


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