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Most Frequent Questions And Answers

Our Most Frequent Questions And Answers

Window tinting has become a popular investment for those with a desire to keep their vehicle cool and safe. There are many advantages of window tinting, such as preventing shattered glass, upholstery protection, and safety for your belongings. Window tinting is also popular because it offers all these benefits and provides a sleek new look to your vehicle.

Customers from all over San Diego trust in AMB Auto Glass and Tint to provide them with a quality window tint that is not only durable but the best protection for your car. People thinking about getting a window tint San Diego, CA may have several questions regarding how the tint works, what to purchase, its colors, the costs involved in the process, etc.

So, we decided it would be a great idea to provide you with answers to such frequently asked auto window tinting and auto glass questions. Simply click on the questions to reveal the answers. If you don’t find your answers here, you can always call us and ask.

We machine-cut out all of our film to the specs of your vehicle’s windows.

Depending on the car’s model and the type of tint you want, the cost will vary. Let us know your preferences by filling out the form on the “Contact Us” page, and we will answer with a free quote.

We use industry leading Llumar® window films to provide our customers with the best quality materials and work in San Diego.

Here is a list of all the tint brands we use:

  • LLumar® ATC Premium Dyed
  • Llumar® CTX Nano Ceramic
  • Llumar® Air Blue
  • Llumar® IRX Nano Ceramic

Here at AMB Auto Glass and Window Tint, we have a wide variety of tint shades to fit your window tinting needs. We work with you to find the perfect shade for your vehicle.

YES! You can get your car’s windows tinted as many times as you want. Our technicians will remove the old tint and clean the glass to ensure there’s no glue residue left behind. We’ll then apply a new layer of tint, choosing from our range of tint shade options.

The amount of time it takes to apply the tint varies depending on your vehicle size. A sedan will take an average of two hours, but a larger vehicle like an SUV will require more time.

The average drying time for auto tint film is roughly 10 minutes but there are many additional factors which could slow down or speed up this process such as exposure to direct sunlight and temperature differences between different climates (hotter weather will make the material more pliable).

To fully dry and cure it It takes about a week.

Don’t clean the windows or even wipe them with a dry cloth until the tint has fully dried. The film will absorb the smallest touch of water, causing bubbles to form underneath. After a few weeks, you can use a moist microfiber cloth to clean the surface and buff out any streaks left behind from your fingers.

Cracks in your windshield can be repaired if they are only small. We’ll help you decide what to do with a free quote and tell you how long it will take for us to repair the crack.

If it is a small chip or crack, we can repair it in about an hour.

We offer a lifetime install warranty, and we guarantee our work for as long as you own your vehicle. Our technicians are handpicked to form the industry’s best team with many years in the auto industry.

We are experts at working with insurance companies to cover the cost of windshield replacements. You do not need to go through a dealer or big company, we’ve got you covered.

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